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Typical Supplier Problems...

The construction industry is worth £110 billion each year but the procurement processes are out of date and full of inefficiencies contributing to lost value. Unnecessary barriers during the process cause typical problems for Suppliers including...

Accessing New Customers
Customer Pool does not increase, creating reliance on existing customer base which over time increases risk.

Generating Online Enquiries
Loss of new business, risk of not evolving as a business with digital

Taking Business Digital
Miss out on new enquiries, cannot access data driven insights which leads to more informed decision making

Lack of Compliance and Governance
The inability to have accountability across the workforce means businesses cannot implement protocols or procedures

Tracking Missed Revenue
Lack of access to regional market data results in less informed decisions around product offering or serviceable locations

Supplier Features & Benefits

The result is a simple, quick and easy solution to a currently complicated and inefficient process. Achieving increasedcompliance and data driven insights in the process with further benefits including:

Take your business digital and continue to compete

To wider customer pools in your branch regions

Removing layers of people from the process and saving time across entire teams

Reduced time consumption during the process allowing more time & attention on other tasks

Showcasing how branches across your network are performing

Opportunity to introduce protocols and business wide standards for all to adhere to

Of each user to ensure that those with decision making authority are held accountable

Drives increased standards with focus on relationship acquisition and retention

Giving your business greater visibility and brand awareness online

An active approach to sustainability by reducing transport distances with location filters