Contractor Journey

See below our step by step guide which shows you how National Tools UK works and how you can grow your online enquiries

Account Details

Once the onboarding process is complete, you will receive account details to login and within one hour of your account opening you will also receive confirmation of your subscription plan and payment.

Submitting Enquiries

In the Account Dashboard, enquiries are submitted, logged and our technology automatically distributes enquiries to filtered Suppliers within 30 miles of the inputted location.

Managing Enquiries

Within each enquiry made you will see a list of all quotes returned. Detailed will be the Supplier name, first line of Address, Price and any comments they have added to the quote.

Live Chat

Each quote has a live chat feature to allow the End User to speak directly with the Hire Branch Staff to confirm any additional details such as equipment specifications, contractable fees, date, delivery/ collection and payment terms.


Once you are happy with a quote you finalise direct with the supplier, all payments for hire agreements are made direct with suppliers. National Tools UK do not take payment for the hire nor do we charge commission fees.

Application Benefits

  • Reduces lengthy procurement processes
  • Benchmark against a range of supplier quotes to ensure best value
  • Up to date pricing with every quote
  • Provide opportunities for Independents to compete with large Nationals on a level playing field
  • Efficiently build supply chains when working out of patch
  • Governance and Compliance
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Dashboard does all the work

Once you've submitted your enquiry, suppliers will send you quotes. Choose the quote that’s best for you, whether that be based on price, location or supplier reputation.

If you wish to speak directly with Hire Branch staff and find out more about quotes you have received simply click live chat within the quote, discuss your quote and when you're happy confirm your hire agreement.

Keep Control

Our platform offers both centralised or decentralised solutions that suit all. For example you may require multi-user accounts to allow site managers/field operatives to source equipment themselves for sites or you can control multiple sites from one account based with the main account holder, this could be a Managing Director, Construction Director or Quantity Surveyor etc.

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Compliance & Governance

Our software ensures all enquiries and quotes are logged. You can access archived enquiries and view historic quotes to ensure due-diligence and process has been followed giving you complete assurance that your procurement process is compliant with industry and company standards.

In circumstances where you feel procurement has not been compliant you can view the historic data and attribute it to an individual account to give full traceability and accountability of a users actions.

Price Plans

Choose from Monthly plan or save with Annual plan.

Pay Monthly

+ VAT per month (per account)

Receive discounts by paying annually
  • Unlimited Enquiries
  • 12 Month Contract
  • Monthly Fixed Fee
  • Account Manager
  • Quarterly Social Posts
  • Quarterly News Posts
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Don't just take our word for it

I've worked in the sector but have been out of it for 12 years, I am so impressed on how the industry has moved on and this has created a much easier process to communicate with dealers on supplies especially in these testing COVID times where normally popping to the store is not normal anymore.

Click & collect and also delivery is now the norm - this tool helps us to do that effectively and efficiently with no cost for the service. Communicating with all your local dealers in one place....Unbelieveable.
Robert B. - Happy User
The ability to submit and manage multiple enquiries in one place helps with project planning, multiple user access and multiple enquiry locations allows me to pass the authority of submitting enquiries and retrieving quotes to Site Managers which reduces my time involvement in the process.

Being able to review the quotes in the dashboard and confirm an agreement with the supplier whose quote best fits our requirements is the perfect solution. It saves my time and saves money helping keep projects within budget.
Ellie D. - Quantity Surveyor for a National Contractor
For somebody not in the construction industry National Tools UK makes the process of hiring products for DIY tasks extremely easy, the live chat feature means I can liaise with suppliers and get expert advice before committing to a quote.

The freedom to choose a quote based on price, location or customer service is great and means that I as the customer am in complete control of the hiring process. It's even better because it's free to use.
John M. - DIY End User

Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the most common questions we get asked

How do I integrate your platform with my current business model?

It’s simple, you don’t need to change how you run your business, using our service means more potential customers, more enquiries and a chance to compete online with other businesses. The way you process your hire agreements can stay exactly the same.

Do you take payments for the hire?

No, we do all the hard work for you and get multiple quotes for your enquiry. After selecting the right quote for you, you then finalise the hire and payment directly with the supplier.

Are there any hidden fees?

No, the platform is free to use for end users. Suppliers pay a monthly subscription fee which is locked in for 12 months under our Fixed Fee Promise(can that be a link).

What equipment is available?

  • Access & Platforms
  • Building & Siteworks
  • Car
  • Cleaning & Floorcare
  • Concrete & Compaction
  • Cranes
  • Cutters & Grinders
  • Decorating & Tiling
  • Drills & Breakers
  • Extraction & Ventilation
  • Fencing & Barriers
  • Fixing & Stapling
  • Gardening & Landscaping
  • Heating & Cooling
  • Lifting & Loading
  • Lighting & Power
  • Plant & Machinery
  • Plumbing & Pipework
  • Pumping & Drying
  • Sanding & Finishing
  • Security & Cameras
  • Skip
  • Survey & Location
  • Van
  • Welders & Inverters

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