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Features & Benefits of NTUK Construction Procurement Software


National Tools UK provides market leading Digital Procurement for the Construction Industry. Connecting Contractors nationally, to Suppliers locally.

The Construction industry is worth over £100 billion annually yet falls behind with its procurement processes which is full of inefficiences contributing to lost value.

Putting together over 25 years of digital expertise and knowledge from all types of user from Quantity Surveyors, Buyers, Procurement Experts and Supply Chain Specialists National Tools UK was created to allow seamless matching of Contractors and Suppliers with simplicity at the core. The result is a simple, quick and easy solution to a currently complicated and inefficient process. This is achieved by having;

  • All in One Place Dashboard
    The platforms allow all information and correspondence to be stored in one central location, no missed emails, phone calls or lost paperwork

  • Filtered Suppliers
    Driven by product offering and site location to ensure Contractor enquiries are reaching relevant Suppliers, and Suppliers are only receiving enquiries suitable for their business

  • Live Chat
    Instantly discuss the detailed requirements of enquiries and finalise your agreement in a fraction of the time, all while keeping a clear digital papertrail to show compliant process

  • Archives
    Access existing and expired enquiries or quotes in the Archive area of the dashboard to evidence a clear digital paper trail that can attributed to a specific user

  • Reporting
    Data driven insights to show protocol adherence and compliant procurement, also provides opportunities to identify and set KPI’s, access to bespoke reports made entirely for your business

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