Intelligent Procurement Solution

The My QuoPro platform is designed to make life easy when purchasing Materials and Products in the construction industry, offering access to a wider supply chain in seconds, with an opportunity to manage the process more efficiently.

Application Benefits

  • Efficient Procurement Process
  • Benchmark against a range of supplier quotes to ensure best value
  • Bespoke and up to date pricing with every quote
  • Provide opportunities for Independents to compete with large Nationals
  • Efficiently build supply chains in new locations
  • Governance and Compliance

Smart Technology

Improve accessibility, productivity and efficiencies within your business all while reducing time wasted, cost and employee stress.

Our technology automatically sends your enquiry to filtered Suppliers who can provide the products or materials being requesting

Keep Control

The platform offers both centralised and decentralised solutions that suit all. For example you may require multi-user accounts to allow site managers/field operatives to source materials or products themselves.

Alternatively, you can control multiple sites from one account based with the main account holder, this could be a Director, Manager or Surveyor.

Compliance & Governance

The software ensures all enquiries and quotes are logged. You can access archived enquiries and view historic quotes to ensure due-diligence and process has been followed giving you complete assurance that your procurement process is compliant with industry and company standards.

In circumstances where you feel procurement has not been compliant you can view the historic data and attribute it to an individual account to give full traceability and accountability of a users actions

Policy Goverance Regulations & Compliance
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