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There has been swift progression through our development timeline, resulting in accelerated growth plans. Our new Seed Funding Round opens with a focus on building teams within the Group to enable us to succeed.

Our Seed Funding Round target of £250,000 is to provide capital which supports the recruitment of key members to execute accelerated growth plans.

As we have now created multiple solutions which solve exact issues within market segments of the Construction industry, it is now time to take these solutions to market on a larger scale.

To achieve this, expanded skillsets are required which need to be sourced and recruited into the business, with a specific focus on Professional Sales.

See below how the funds would be spent:

Sales Team - £150,000

  • Sales Director
  • 2x Regional Sales Manager
Digital Marketing Team - £55,000
  • SEO/PPC Specialist
  • Social Media Executive
Development Team - £30,000
  • PHP Developer
Set Up - £15,000
  • Operational set up of new recruits
  • Capital reserves

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Our Funding Timeline

Below is a small selection of events most relevant to our funding journey so far, to view our full timeline please click the button below

September 2020

NTUK Technology Ltd. was founded.

April 2021

Closed Pre-Seed funding round with £90,000 invested and a further £30,000 committed.

June 2021

SEIS Advance Assurance received, remaining £30,000 Pre-Seed funding previously committed is invested.

September 2021

Seed Fuding Round is opened with a target of £250,000.