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Our Pre-Seed Funding round opened in February 2021 seeking to raise an initial £100,000 and closed in April 2021 with £90,000 invested funds and an additional £30,000 committed.

At the start of our funding journey we held discussions with both Crowdcube and Seedrs who were both keen to list our business on their platforms, orginally this was only for National Tools UK and it was advised a pre-revenue valuation of £1,200,000 is correct for the technology developed and scale of opportunity.

We then went into the funding space looking for lead investment for a Crowdfunding campaign yet after just a handful of dicussions we found ourselves with £30,000 invested with an additional £30,000 committed upon SEIS Advance Assurance.

Whilst compiling our SEIS Advance Assurance application we spoke with an international investor and secured a further £60,000 investment, it was at this point we decided not to pursue a Crowdcube campaign as target was surpassed.

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Our Funding Timeline

Below is a small selection of events most relevant to our funding journey so far, to view our full timeline please click the button below

September 2020

NTUK Technology Ltd. was founded.

April 2021

Closed Pre-Seed funding round with £90,000 invested and a further £30,000 committed.

June 2021

SEIS Advance Assurance received, remaining £30,000 Pre-Seed funding previously committed is invested.

September 2021

Seed Fuding Round is opened with a target of £250,000.