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NTUK Technology Group is targeting the construction industry, an industry which is slow to adopt digital tools to enhance efficiency and productivity.

The Construction Industry is collectively worth £110bn per year to the UK economy. Due to the Coronavirus pandemic the sector has had to fast track progress on the digital timeline to ensure good levels of operation, this how now opened the market to becoming more receptive to software and technology to enhance businesses.

The Industy overall will be a hotspot for wealth creation due to increased public and private sector spending on both residential and commercial develpoments.

Suppliers are for each market are also now becoming more aware and pro-active with securing enquiries and sales online.

Market Sizes:

  • Tools, Plant & Equipment Hire - £9.1bn
  • Bulk Materials and Products - £29bn
  • DIY Products - £41.8bn

At present the Construction Industry as a whole is experiencing widespread shortages of products, materials and equipment which is causing buyers to divert from traditional supply chains.

Providing a prime opportunity for end users to introduce platforms where processes can be managed all in one place and where retailer pricing and service can be directly compared.

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Our Funding Timeline

Below is a small selection of events most relevant to our funding journey so far, to view our full timeline please click the button below

September 2020

NTUK Technology Ltd. was founded.

April 2021

Closed Pre-Seed funding round with £90,000 invested and a further £30,000 committed.

June 2021

SEIS Advance Assurance received, remaining £30,000 Pre-Seed funding previously committed is invested.

September 2021

Seed Fuding Round is opened with a target of £250,000.