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Typical Contractor Problems...

The construction industry is worth £110 billion each year but the procurement processes are out of date and full of inefficiencies contributing to lost value. Unnecessary barriers during the process cause typical problems for Contractors including...

Sourcing new Equipment / Products / Materials for site
If this process is not quick it risks delayed workforce on site which incurs costs and time sensitive projects may overrun causing charges such as liquidated and ascertained damages.

Client or Planning sustainability requirements on using local supply chain
Without immediate access to a local supply chain businesses resort to existing supply chains incurring greater financial and environmental costs in the process due to working beyond serviceable area

Understanding and achieving Best Value
Lack of opportunity to benchmark pricing across the market results in uncertainty during purchase decision making and a cheaper upfront cost does not always mean achieving best value

Lack of Compliance and Governance
The inability to have accountability across the workforce means businesses cannot implement business wide procurement protocols or standards for all to adhere to

Excess time wastage
For all those involved from Site Manager, Quantity Surveyor, Buyer and Finance the business is incurring overhead costs due to excess time spent on procurement tasks

Contractor Features & Benefits

The result is a simple, quick and easy solution to a currently complicated and inefficient process. Achieving increased compliance and data driven insights in the process with further benefits including:

Ensuring up to date pricing is assessed for each enquiry.

To wider supply chains, for simple and easy procurement

Removing layers of people from the process and saving time across entire teams

Reduced time consumption during the process allowing more time & attention on other tasks

Showcasing where budgets are being spent and where savings can be made

Opportunity to introduce protocols and business wide standards for all to adhere to

Of each user to ensure that those with decision making authority are held accountable

Drives increased standards with focus on relationship acquisition and retention meaning

With the agility to source goods in quick and easy way, your sites will continue to run smoothly

An active approach to sustainability by reducing transport distances with location filters