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Digital Procurement forConstruction Industry

Connecting Contractors nationally, to Suppliers locally.

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About Us

Experienced Team

National Tools UK was developed using our founders 25 years of digital platforms knowledge coupled with expertise from Quantity Surveyors, Buyers and Procurement Experts to create market leading Digital Procurement for the Construction Industry.

Industry Problems

The construction industry is worth over £100 billion but the procurement processes are out of date and full of inefficiencies contributing to lost value.

Touch Points

Too many people involved


Lack of accountability


Benchmarking the market

Social Value

Environmental sustainability

New Locations

Transport costs & Site downtime

How it works

Account Dashboard

Click through our four step process below to see how the National Tools UK platform works.


1. Enquiry Submission

Contractors submit a simple enquiry form which details site location, time required, product(s) and any additional details.


2. Matching Process

Our Software instantly matches enquiries to Suppliers filtered by location and product offering, Suppliers submit Quotes in response.


Finalise Agreement

Contractors assess and benchmark quotes in their dashboard before finalising and agreeing payment direct with supplier of choice.



All correspondence is stored and logged to ensure compliance and governance and to provide data driven insights or reports.

See all benefits of using National Tools UK


Procurement Director

£120m+ Contractor

  • "Save around 2.5 hours weekly on plant enquiries, an overhead cost greater than the £50 monthly account fee"

  • "Implement much need governance when dealing with such a large annual spend"

  • "Can introduce a process for hire in multiple divisions of the business, so all are aligned"


Trading Director

Hire Division of Top 10 Builder's Merchant

  • "Provides an opportunity to identify new customers and offer further incentives to attain them"

  • "Important information is collected in the enquiry to enable us to provide an accurate quotation"

  • "£50 per month, per branch cost is nominal and ROI is easily achievable"


Construction Director

£12m+ Contractor

  • "Makes manual market reviews a thing of the past, now it can be done with every enquiry savings hours of time"

  • "Ability to compare all quotes in one place quickly and with ease"

  • "Making payment direct with suppliers ensures no disruption to our current processes so we can operate smoothly"